Thursday, April 12, 2007

Worship that shakes the foundations

I remember a time, when on a Sunday night meeting, we were singing, 'How Great is our God' and we sang it over and over and over, each time the intensity rising. Ever been worshipping God in an atmosphere, where you feel like something is going to happen? My hands were literally burning with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The foundations of the place felt like they were going to shake!

Here's my thought... Passionate worship births effective ministry. Following this time of worship, my hands were hot, and I said to God, 'I GOTTA PRAY FOR SOMEONE!' I started chatting with a mate who owns a farm up in Horsham, and he was saying that things were tough. I said quickly, 'Can I pray for you!?' I prayed with an unknown passion, like a deep intercession that groaned in my stomach and heart for change to happen into the situation I prayed for. Passionate worship was birthing effective ministry. In this case, pastoral ministry.
I sat down, and my hands were still burning!! I sat at the front of the church after the meeting and said to God, the next person who comes to me, I'm gonna pray for... No kidding. A guy sitting up the back of the hall, immediately stood up and walked straight towards me! It was so weird! He didn't say much when he got to me, but I offered to pray and again, interceded strongly into this guys life.

What's my point... We need to encourage passionate worship, that will inturn birth effective ministry.

When's the last time you immersed yourself into God's presence when you worshipped?

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