Friday, March 30, 2007

Farewell to my Dad, whose now overseas...

Just recently my Mum and Dad decided to go to live in the U.S. in Detroit, Michigan. My Dad left the airport on Thursday and my Mum is leaving in July.

A few tears were shared as Dad walked into the International Departure Doors of Melbourne Airport. I pray he is safe and well, after three plane flights to get him to Michigan.

I write this blog to say that my Dad is an inspiration. Recently his own faith journey has been ignited, and before he left on the plane he shared how he had a dream of Jo and I; that we were climbing up a steep hill and it was hard work, but that God was going to get us through...

I then commented that the Bible says (Joel 2:28), that in the last days, Old men will dream dreams and Young men will see visions. Dad, you must be old? Then the reply came, 'I'm not the one with the receeding hairline.'

Dad, may God be strengthening you and blessing you on this next step of your own life... All my love!

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