Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Uniform Wearing in The Salvation Army

I'm sick of people thinking I'm a Security Guard!

On Southbank in Melbourne (on Sunday) we rallied against Human Trafficking and a number of Salvos were there. (Well done to guys like Dave and Sonia and others that put the day together!).

I started to reflect a little after the event, especially when it came to uniform. I looked around and knew myself that there were plenty of salvos around (not enough to have much influence for rallying though!), but from the communities perspective, they would hardly know we were Salvation Army! Now, I'm not going on to advocate strongly for our traditional uniform, just hear me out though...

We were not visible. We have so many different uniforms, we don't even look like an army!! Some people were wearing the trad stuff, some were wearing plain jackets over the traditional uniform, some with the polo shirts, some with salvo t-shirts (small, medium and large red shields!), etc, etc. Now, my point is not that there was diversity necessarily, but the fact that there was so much diversity that the community can not tell who we are.

Here's my thesis... You may agree or disagree (depending on your age most likely)... Lets get a T-Shirt, with a big red shield and we all wear it. We then acheive two things: Everybody is visible and they know who we are, and also, I don't get labelled as a Security Guard!!!

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