Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Will the Real Salvation Army Leader Please Stand up?

Many Salvationists witnessed history in the making. In Melbourne, Victoria, within the awe-inspiring walls of the Melbourne Town Hall, we gave thanks for the life of General Eva Burrows. The testimonies were rich: General Eva, was an amazing, 'indefatigable' woman of God, focused on Jesus with the character to match.

And here's the thing:

We have lost an incredible leader in The Salvation Army.

That goes without saying.

She was someone who Salvationists looked up to; someone who salvos around the world learnt from and were inspired from.

Though, here is the question I want you to ponder. Maybe it's one of the most pertinent questions that Salvationists need to consider the world over.

Who will lead The Salvation Army?

Now, I'm not asking for the most obvious answer: General Andre Cox. That's the surface answer. In organisational terms that is true, and he leads well. God bless the General.

Though, I'm asking a deeper question here. We cannot expect that 'someone else' will simply fill the void of leadership in future years while we continue to play a spectator role in the grander mission of God.

Here is the word that is ringing in my ears and pounding on my heart right now. If it's from the Holy Spirit, then run with it.

If you are Salvo, then what are doing to step up to the leadership call?

Now, I'm not talking about positional authority. You might not have a title. You might not even have hair. I can relate. I'm talking about taking the fire that is in your belly, the covenant that is on your mind and the mission of God that is on your heart and stepping it up ten notches.

Call others to follow Jesus. Call others to innovate and create new expressions of Salvation Army ministry. Challenge people to sign up to soldiership. Lead communities of faith with passion, expectant faith and persistence. Say no to the devil! Say yes to everything God has laid on your heart.

We cannot expect the next season of Salvation Army ministry to be simply carried out by someone else.

Let me cut to the chase. God is calling you to LEAD. So LEAD. Ask the Lord to anoint that which you have to offer and let God multiply the fruitfulness.

We surely best mobilize an Army for Godly service when we each understand the innate giftedness and grace that the Lord Jesus has bestowed upon each one of us.

Now step it up. Get ready for this new season.


  1. Leadership that is anointed - and appointed - by God has nothing to do with position. It is about knowing that you are a leader, even if your role is one that seems obscure or in the background.


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