Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Grow as a Leader - Day 8: 100 Days of Leadership

How do you grow as a leader? Good question. Leadership growth is not inevitable. 

Do you think famous basketballers just fell upon success? Do you think movie stars become great at their craft overnight? Do you think great preachers simply became great preachers one Sunday morning? So, why then do some presume leadership skill and ability is a given? It is not. Grow as a leader and be intentional about it. What you do today as a leader, will determine who you become as a leader tomorrow.

How do you grow as a leader? Let me offer some thoughts on leadership development:

·         Read leadership books
·         Apply leadership teachings to your particular context
·         Meet with a coach/mentor
·         Work on your character (holiness)
·         Explore the Bible from a leadership perspective
·         Lead something! Then reflect on what worked and what didn’t work
·         Develop an understanding of people: Myers-Briggs Personality Types are good, or a good book on ‘developing relationships’. 

To grow as a leader, takes practice, or rather intentionality. If you are called to be a leader, then be intentional about learning, growing and developing. It's what John C. Maxwell calls the Law of Process.

I am still growing as a leader. First and foremost for me, is growing in my relationship with Jesus. Though, Paul says in Romans 12:8 that if you have a gift of leadership, then lead diligently. Leaders are called by God to be attentive, persistent and focused on growing as a leader. I think that’s biblical.

What does the Bible say?

1 Samuel 2:26 - And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with people.

What will I do now?
How do you intend to grow as a leader? What leadership books are you reading? Who is your mentor? Do you appropriately reflect on who you are as a leader and how you behave in social situations? Reflect now, on what you can practically do to grow as a leader.

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