Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Salvation Army Parable - BEWARE: Written by a Finance Officer!

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Divisional Commander who goes on long service leave. Before he leaves he gives resources to three corps programs to grow their ministry in the city. To one he granted $5,000, to another, $2,000 and to a third $1,000. And after a long time the DC came back to work and asked each of them for a progress report. The officer at the program which received $5,000 came before the DC and said, ‘With this grant our corps has been able to reach out into the community and we have seen many new adherents coming to faith. Here is a financial report showing how we have spent the money.'

The officer at the corps given $2,000 came before the DC and said, ‘As agreed, we have spent the money on holiday activities for our community. Here are our up-to-date cashbooks which show how the money has been used.' To both these officers the Divisional Commander said, ‘Well done, good and faithful officers; when you need further funding it is likely you will be successful.'

But the officer at the corps which was given $1,000 did not reply and the Divisional Commander became furious and telephoned the officer and asked, ‘Why have you not accounted for the grant you were given, and why are your cashbooks four months in arrears?’ And the officer said ‘Well it’s really difficult; I’m afraid our volunteer has been on leave and we have lots of problems with our poor internet connection; and it’s been Easter; and we’re very busy with budgets; and Red Shield is coming up as well you know.'

And the Divisional Commander replied, ‘You wicked, lazy officer, to everyone who has a DHQ grant will be given another, but your corps will have its Mission Support Funding withdrawn, and you will be thrown into darkness, to a posting at THQ Audit Department where there will be much counting and ticking and gnashing of teeth’.

Steve Wade (Finance Officer - Melbourne)

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