Friday, January 3, 2014

The Greatest Question You Could Ever Ask

I have discovered the greatest question you could ever ask. A painstaking question that gets to the core of why you do what you do. This question helps narrow down your life to its foundation.

I ask a simple question.

You are going on a holiday. For what purpose? To get some rest. For what purpose? So you have enough energy to be effective in your job. For what purpose? So you can care for and feed your family. For what purpose? So they grow up to be strong and healthy. For what purpose? So they can go on a holiday...

I continue. For what purpose?

So they can enjoy their life. BUT for what purpose?

There is something greater to life than all of our mindless pursuits of happiness. We are created by a living God, who desires to have us live for him. Our purpose in life is derived from a God who saw it fit to create us and send his son Jesus Christ to the world to offer us hope and salvation.

If we put Jesus at the centre of our life, then the answer to the question, 'For what purpose?' changes dramatically.

I am happy to have a holiday, or look after my family, or live a healthy life, but the purpose in which I do these things is different when Jesus is at the centre.
As you become busy in 2014, I ask you the greatest question you could ever ask. For what purpose?

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