Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart for the Lost

Followers of Jesus must have a heart for the lost. This may sound simplistic, but I'm not convinced that a majority of Christians live by that motto. They may say it, but does their life reflect a passion for the broken and hurting? Do they live in a way that is undeniably sold out to reaching people with the great news of Jesus?

My mind flickers to this mainly because my eyes came across this verse: 'Brothers and sisters, my heart's desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.' (Romans 10:1). Now, I don't believe the Apostle Paul was a Calvinist (well that's a ridiculous thought anyway, because John Calvin wasn't born til 1500 years later!). Without getting into semantics, I mean, I don't think Paul believed that God would save who he chose and the rest would go to hell. I believe in a certain amount of free will that God allows sinners to choose to follow Jesus.

Anyway, that being said, Paul prayed that they may be saved. Even when he's in and out of prison, his passion is to see the fullness of the gospel message transform lives and communities.

Do you have a heart for the lost?

Let me rattle off some things that take away our focus from 'seeking first God's kingdom'. I don't list this to be negative, but rather to help us be aware that these are generally things in life that alter our focus:
  • A concern for your financial situation
  • Sickness that cripples your outlook on life
  • Self-obsession
  • Depression
  • Pornography
  • Chasing after the opposite sex
  • Career prospects, career advancement
  • Living a busy life
  • Laziness (slothfulness)
  • Fear
  • Hurt/Pain/Resentment
  • Brokenness
And so the list goes on. Lord help us to be focussed on firstly, being saved, and then reaching others with the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ! Give us a heart for the lost and broken Lord. 

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