Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Church WILL Grow

When God promises something it will happen right?

When God says he will fulfil a prayer on your heart, God is faithful to answering that prayer.

Jo isn't pregnant, for those thinking they have had some divine revelation from God. :) But let me tell you about what has transpired over the last 24 hours within the life of Palmerston Salvation Army.

Last night (Saturday) Jo came up to me, crying, saying, God is going to do great things tomorrow. She said, the Lord had reminded her of Joshua 3:5 that says, 'Consecrate yourselves [get yourself right before God], because tomorrow the Lord will do great things among you'. She didn't mention any more than that...

We come to church, and look around, and by 10:10am (people never get there on time!), there's around 50 people gathered, with some new families, and a couple of visitors. The worship time was electric in all senses of the word, and people were filled with faith. Well that's all fairly normal for a healthy church right?

Jo gets up to preach, and begins talking about hope. The words of Jeremiah 29:11 were spoken, that God seeks to prosper you, and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future. All pretty normal, engaging kind of preaching, with a message that was uplifting. So what happened next?

Jo begins to say, that she believes with ALL her heart, that our church WILL grow. That 2012, the church will grow and many lives will be touched by the gospel. She then said, last night...

"God called me to cut my hair"

The prophetic revelation was this... "As sure as the certainty that your hair will grow back, so will I grow my Church," said the Lord. She wrestled with God last night, questioning whether she should publicly cut her hair; in church. It sounds like some kooky Old Testament prophetic word, that Jeremiah might have been right in to. She prayed this morning and said, 'God just confirm in my heart if you want me to do this.'

I tell you I was unware of this word that God had given Jo. Apparently, as Jo shared publicly, Shekinah (our three year old) came up to her early this morning and said, "Mummy, cut hair?" What?! Gee, what a confirmation from God, that deeply challenged Jo about going through with this prophetic act.

As she shared this idea publicly that God would grow his Church, just as her hair would grow back, she asked if anyone would come up and cut her hair.

A lady visiting for the morning, got straight up, and gently grabbed the pair of scissors from Jo's hand. She smiled at Jo, and said, 'I'll cut your hair'. She snipped away, cutting off half of Jo's locks (more hair than what I've got), and then she sat back down.

Most people present were a bit teary, as God was moving amongst us. Then the husband of the lady popped up and said, 'I just want to let people know, that God is in this... and also... that my wife is a hairdresser... ' Everyone was taken aback a little.

WOW! Let me recap. God gives Jo a prophetic word to cut her hair, as a sign, that as her hair grows back, that God WILL grow HIS church. Shekinah, unknowingly, led by God, confirms this word. Then a lady who happens to be visiting is a hairdresser, who feels absolutely compelled to come forward and take part in this prophetic act. I love it!

By the way, God had sent another lady as well to visit the church, who ALSO was a hairdresser! God was just making sure!! Also, following the service, the lady finished up cutting Jo's hair nice, so she saved atleast $60 and scored a free haircut!! :)

One other amazing thing happened this morning, if you'll just keep reading on for a moment. A couple visiting the church this morning spoke to Jo and I after the meeting. They said, 'We heard you speaking about the new Kid's club ministry you are starting up soon, and we want to financially support it... We would like to send through $5,000 to bless this new ministry...' WHAT?!! You're joking me, I said to myself, as I chuckled and teared up at the same time...

We got home from church, completely nackered (that's the original Greek word to describe it), and then we received a text message. 'We have just deposited $3k into the church bank account, and we will deposit another $2,200 in the next couple of days'. Haha, wow! Jo and I laughed and cried, and then we did something we don't normally do... We 'Craughed' (which is a combination of crying and laughing and choking up at the same time). That's a new word for your vocabularly. God is so good.

To wrap up, the Holy Spirit reminded me of sermon from last week. It was from Isaiah 43, that said, 'God is doing a new thing... Can you not perceive it?' And I find myself saying, right now, today.... that...

'God, you ARE doing a NEW thing, and I definitely perceive it, and I'm seeing it happen right before my eyes...'

Thanks Jesus!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing what a truly inspiring experience, God is showing himself in these days and we must be obedient - The passage of scripture that keeps coming through to me is the vine... and how so much fruit will be born but first some of the branches need to be cut - and the rest cleansed ready for the great harvest. Bless you richly in your ministry and obedience to God and remember to get your prayer warriors to keep interceding for you in these coming days of ripe harvest.

  2. I believe God will do even more than we can imagine. Keep serving faithfully, guys! Revival will come... perhaps it's already begun.

    Matt Kean

  3. I love this! God is so unbelievably awesome!!!! This account is powerful, but being there in the midst of it was another thing altogether! The sense that God was amongst us was palpable and messages God had for individuals were many and varied... one lady connected to our church doesn't usually attend, but felt she had to come today and she was SAVED! God is visibly at work in her...

    "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great things among you" The revelation that it meant TODAY scared the pants off me, but I just had to obey... that time of personal prayer was one of the most memorable of my life. I am completely humbled to be part of God's plan and shocked/amazed that this has actually happened!!!! Follow Jesus, be holy, abandon yourself to God's call and love like there's no tomorrow :)

    Another note for Pete: you've got those google ads working great, they're telling me about products to grow my hair! LOL! ;)

  4. How powerful and exciting!! Love how children are so perceptive to God. So glad you were obedient and that you were listening to God :)

  5. I think most of the people present went away having witnessed something very special. Today was so very real, I mean that in the sense that it was good honest worship with people who have a genuine heart for serving God and being obedient. Gods annointing was on you today because of it. He has a wonderful plan and I am sure there is nothing he likes better than a servant who will listen to his calling. It was a little bit Old Testement in the way it unfolded though, nothing wrong with that, there was a lot more happening than what we picked up on I bet. One thing is for sure, a lady gave her heart to the lord today, God called her, the odds were stacked against her making it to church, and then he demonstrated what a living God does in a congregation of his people who choose to be obedient and listen. The money is good but the ladies salvation, thats priceless. Check out this church if you are in the neigbourhood guys, take some tissues though cause Gods annointing is on this place and when he gets close to you I can gaurantee some movement on the emotional front. His plan is perfect and he is meticulous in the way he prepares the delivery of it. Way to go Jo for having the guts to go through with it and Pete you are an awesome man and yor support for Jo is so obvious and encouraging. May the Lord bless you and keep you, May he make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace. Not word for word but close enough. God Bless, sorry for the rant.

  6. Thanks for the post anonymous. God bless. ;)

  7. This gives me hope!

  8. May God Himself bring it to completion in a superabundant manner, more than you can ask, hope, dream, or imagine.

    God is good!

    Prayers of agreement from the Salvation Army in Alaska, and since God shows no favoritism, may He work the same season of growth here as well.

  9. Hallelujah! Amen to Captain Mark's comment! It's great to be part of One Army. May we see reports of God pouring out his amazing blessings in the North, South, East and West!


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