Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BIG Ideas on Faith - No. 1 - How could God love someone like me?

We launch off BIG Ideas on Faith, with the question that many have grappled with over the years.

No. 1 - How could God love someone like me?

Maybe it's a question that you have never considered. I know personally though, I have met a good handful of people who have pondered that question. Possibly it's because they have had a colourful life, and they don't believe the grace of God extends that far. Possibly it's because their picture of God is one of exclusivity; that is, God only loves a select few. The BIG Idea in this passage unpacks one powerful truth of God.

Before we discover the BIG Idea of this question, it's important to note briefly that love in the Bible has a few different meanings. One kind of love (phileo) is a brotherly kind of love. One kind of love that Jesus speaks of (Mt 22:34-40) is an unconditional kind of love (agape).

This is the kind of love that is relevant to the BIG idea we are about to discover. The agape, unconditional type of love is the essence of this BIG idea.

BIG Idea No. 1: God has 'loved you with an everlasting love' - Jer 31:1

How could God love someone like me? God in essence is a God of love. Romans 8:39 says nothing can seperate us from the love of God. Not even your deepest darkest secrets. When we turn this all over to Jesus in prayer, we find the outworking of grace in our lives. That's the revolutionary idea, that no matter what your life has been life, God still loves you with a love that is 'everlasting'. God loves you that much, that he sent Jesus to bring you fullness of life.

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