Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Worship is a Catalyst for Mission

Worship is a catalyst for effective mission. If you want to be effective in God's mission, then having a foundation of worship is imperative. You know what I mean right? Ever been in a great time of prayer, where you are sensing the Spirit of God moving around you, and then not long after this, God uses you in ministry? When you are expressing a life of full devotion to Jesus, you are more in tune with God when it comes to honouring him in ministry. Whether it be, speaking out truth, fighting for justice, praying for someone who is sick, making that phone call or sending that encouraging email - a foundation of a worshipful life honours God. You become effective in ministry, not because of your skill set per se, but because the Creator of the cosmos is working through a devoted life. Attempting to persevere through the Christian life with your own skills and abilities, and without the power of God will leave you undone. Some things, like demon oppression, cannot be sorted out by creative communication, or skillful guitar work. A devoted, committed, passionate life that is devoted to the good news of Jesus is what God is after!
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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth; not some random process by clever evolving genetic material. Elohim, YHWH - the God of the cosmos - the one who started the Universe ex nihilo (out of nothing). He is worthy to be praised. That's right - he is worthy to be praised. So praise God.

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