Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crockpot Spirituality

Our theology is formed in a crockpot, not in a microwave. Through the experiences of life; through the knocks, bumps and celebrations, we discover more of the nature of God. This discovery does not happen overnight. We don't simply click our fingers and then fully understand the breadth and depth of our Almighty God. Rather it happens along the journey...

Our theology is deepened when we lose a loved one, and we question and debate the complexities of death and life. It is deepened when we find ourselves gob-smacked by the presence of God. It is deepened when we ponder the intricate creation that seems to have been created with humanity in mind.

I long for my understanding of God to grow and while the mystery of God, namely Christ, will always surround me, I can know Christ and I can grow up into Christ, and I can grow in the process.

So Lord, today, I long to know you more, and long to understand you more - not so I can complete some theological thesis, or add another knotch to the belt - I want to know you more because that's what happens within a healthy friendship/community. I pray that many will come to know Christ in the midst of this deepening spirituality and this deepening relationship with you.

I pray I won't seek after quick theological fixes, or ask for 'get out of jail' free cards when it comes to my faith. I turn away from the microwave faith of instant maturity, instant wisdom, instant skill-sets. Help me, rather, to embrace, Crockpot Spirituality.

Thanks God.

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