Sunday, January 23, 2011

Salvation Army High Council 2011 - Predictions?

The Salvation Army is in the process of deciding who will be the next General. Commissioners have gathered together from right around the world to join together as the 'High Council' and to pray and seek God's guidance on who should lead this movement forward. The Salvation Army will soon install its 19th General, and some are asking, "Who will be the next General of The Salvation Army?"

You can check out some of the Commissioners as they comment briefly on the process of the High Council:
Commissioner Raymond Finger (Australia Southern Territory) - TC Today
Commissioner James Knaggs (USA Western Territory) - TCSpeak
The Salvation Army International Website: will keep things up to date.

Should we be concerned with WHO will be the General? I think we are called at this point to pray and believe God for his guidance. To set up some betting system, with predictions on who will be the next Salvation Army General is ridiculous and not in the spirit of the occasion. Can I challenge some of us, to spend more time on our knees seeking the direction of God, than to be gossiping about the future leader of The Salvation Army??! Just a thought.

Also read: More on the High Council HERE.

May God guide his people. These are exciting days for The Salvation Army, as we embark on a new journey, into new leadership and into a new year, filled with opportunities for Kingdom impact.


  1. I couldnt agree more
    Australian Salvationist & pray -er

  2. Speculation inevitable - however prayer is absolutely essential for the High Council to hear the word of God and act upon it. ALL salvationists should be praying, by name, for the members of this High Council and for the future General, as well as the current General.
    UK Officer.


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