Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salvation Army High Council 2011 - Predestination or Foreknowledge?

The Salvation Army is close to deciding who will be the 19th General of The Salvation Army. As leaders gather together at the High Council one question races through my mind.

Firstly, though, if you want all the information on The Salvation Army High Council 2011, you're best to go to for the updates.

Now, stay with me. The question is, does God predestine, or preplan someone to be THE next General of The Salvation Army, or does God allow humanity the privelege, guided by the Holy Spirit, to choose this person, even though God already knows the outcome (foreknowledge). Clearly, The Salvation Army's theology sits on the later of the two. We believe that God has not simply foreordained leaders to fulfil particular positions, but that we as a people are responsible to seek the heart of God, and respond accordingly.

We no longer should delve into discussions (as fun as they are) on this person smells better, and this person uses the Internet better or worse, or this person is married or female or almost retired, etc, etc. We need to pray and ask God to guide (which we believe he will), the decision of the next General - but not based on superficiality. I DO agree though that we must ask the difficult questions of nominees, nine of which are nominated so far. Here are some questions I would ask (helped along from blogs like Mjr. Stephen Courts (Army Barmy - on the right) and Commissioner Joe Noland (

* What strategies do you have for the turn around of the decline of The Salvation Army in the Western World?
* In what ways will you inspire the world wide Salvation Army for future ministry?
* What is your greatest passion?
* What is your vision for The Salvation Army?
* Will you promote male and female equality, and if yes, then how?
* What are your strategies for equipping the local corps' soldiery?

Many more questions could be asked. Join the discussion at the Disciples in Training Page on facebook.

God bless. May God guide the High Council 2011, to decide who should be The Salvation Army's 19th General!

Lt. Pete.

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