Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opinions on the new My School Website

What's your opinion on the new My School Website?

Many principals and teacher groups have slammed the My School Website idea. But, is that because there is now too much accountability for them, and public pressure to improve their schools? In my opinion though, 'My School' can have a damning affect in the sense that schools that were beginning to improve from less than impressive scores, have been hit a momentum blow to continuing to improve their school. How difficult is it for a principal of that school to gather the teachers together and excite in them passion for the days ahead?

Leader of the Opposition, Terry Mills (NT Government) says, "An analysis of the My School Site reveals no single NT Government school, urban or remote, met the national average in all areas of testing. When compared to the 'like for like socio economic index' NT schools were behind 2 to 1. This is a statement about systemic failure, a failure that demands....policy response..." This is a sobering thought for schools in the Northern Territory.

What's your opinion of the new My School Website (www.myschool.edu.au) ?

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