Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leadership Tips

Been challenged again recently to think about leadership, and its importance within the realm of serving the Lord. Here's some points I have been thinking about, (feel free to comment and leave your leadership thoughts):

* We must believe in people to achieve and do well. Many times people will step up to the mark when we empower them and believe in them.
* Don't be quick to judge who God can and cannot use. Consider Moses (a murderer), David (an adulterer), Paul (persecuted followers of Jesus), Peter (a denier)... We are used by God to transform lives, only because of the grace of God.
* Vision of a better future excites and harnesses the followership of others.
* Developing leaders who develop other leaders is critical. Don't just gain followers, or just develop a leader. Develop leaders who can lead the next generation.
* Be clear about God's mission for your Corps/organisation/workplace and communicate it constantly.

I challenge us today to step out of the boat and fix our eyes on Jesus. Cast aside every sin that so easily entangles us, and run the race with perserverance.

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