Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm on the brink...

Jo and I watched last years Commissioning DVD (On Fire). It seems so long ago that God called us to train to become Salvation Army officers and finally be Commissioned into service. Well it was over seven months ago now, and the Witnesses For Christ of the Australia Southern Territory have been out at their appointments for six months.

What has God showed me after this time? What has the Lord spoken into my life? Am I still passionate for Jesus? Is the world still worth changing?

I broke down in tears tonight, reflecting on how God has changed my life, from curious wandering in the desert, to focussed discipleship; from purposelessness to life; from my will to his will. My heart began to ache for the many people we come in contact with who are still wandering; are still feeling hopeless and are following their own will. What great joy there is in ministry, when we witness someone literally hand over their own life into God's and say, 'Not my will Lord, but yours'.

Over the last six months, I have begun to see God turn lives from wandering to purpose. One of our soldiers is stepping into the process of becoming a Salvation Army officer. I have seen one young lady become a passionate committed disciple of Jesus. I see so many others on the brink of the life giving flood, but who are seeking to understand who this Jesus really is that we talk about.

I stand on the brink. I stand on the brink of revival. I lean over, and while pearing into the distance I see hundreds of people getting saved and finding true meaning in life. The faith train is coming, and people are getting on board. I can see it. I can see Governmental influence, where leaders are seeking our advice on issues of policy. I see the Church of the city uniting in such a way that the devil no longer has a grip on any person or sector of society. I feel the power of the Spirit sweeping through the City in a way that affects lives; where the sick are healed and the depressed sense joy and the busy tradesman finds time to turn to Jesus. I'm on the brink of the life giving flood. I sense it.

I'm on the brink of the Church becoming a respected voice in the community. I'm on the brink of a city that turns to God when a problem arises, not just to the local member for Parliament. I see a city falling on its knees in repentance, acknowledging Jesus as their Saviour from all the issues of their life. I can see worship not just being a song fest, but a heartfelt expression of people's love for God. I'm on the brink of Church growth being the norm not the exception.

Maybe I'm not on the brink? Maybe right now; just now; right here... I'm actually IN the life giving flood.

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