Saturday, August 15, 2009

Engaging Evangelical Discussion

I've spent two weeks in Melbourne recently, before flying back up to Palmerston (NT) the other day. I have a new found passion and boldness to speak about things of God. I sat at the local markets last night, and spoke with one of the young ladies connected to our church. We spoke about her reasons why she has never come to our Sunday morning service (She comes to everything else!). Her fears and opinions were valid, but God is stirring something in her heart.
She spoke to her husband the other day while driving home from Darwin, and she said, 'You know, I've been thinking about God...' And her husband replies, 'Yeah, that it's all bull****'. The discussion ends. Later they talk about this original discussion a little bit more. God is stirring something in her heart. She has lots of questions. She has fears. She has concerns. But God is using believers to just chip away at preconceived ideas about Jesus, wrong assumptions about the church, and to offer hope.

I encourage you, as do many other blog writers encourage (Cpt. Stephen Court - or Cpt. Dave Collinson - . It's time to go beyond talking about the weather! Be bold, and open up discussions about faith. Ask people what they think about Jesus. Ask them, 'Is there anything I can pray for you about?' 'Have you ever thought of coming to church?' etc, etc.

God bless as you step into these discussions. Exciting times are ahead!!

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