Thursday, July 2, 2009

Revival, Peace and Idolatry

It's dangerous reading a book on Revival. Quite often its written by someone who has been in the very midst of a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. I can sense God's presence and challenge to dream big, and believe for great things to happen. Many will come to know Jesus. Hallelujah!
I preached recently about having peace in the midst of the storm. Jesus has this while on the boat, and the disciples were stressed and fearful. Jesus rebuked them and said, 'O ye of little faith...' Trust God for peace in your life; amongst your stress, your busyness and the expectations of life.
O God, that people would come to know Jesus, the one who died for them; the one who came to set us free!
'Idolatry is not limited to worship of idols but includes a broader sense of allegiance to anything that is false' (Bosch, p. 134). Ouch, many of us are into Idols. God would you smash those down!! All we need is Jesus.

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