Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Big20 - Big Times, Big Opportunities

Next week Palmerston Salvos are running a big festival weekend called, 'The Big20'. We're celebrating 20 years of ministry within the Palmerston community. We're having a Saturday jammed packed with Stalls, Kid's rides, Devonshire Tea, BBQ, Outside Stage with local community entertainment, and something that is proving to be very popular: Palmerston's Got Talent. Darwin Salvos and others are joining us for Church on Sunday morning (outside on Stage), followed by a BBQ lunch, followed by Mainly Music on stage. Big times.

We have been blessed to have the local Newspaper run with a story for next weeks paper, and Southern Cross Television (Channel 7), putting it on the community billboard on TV, and another guy from the Government making up an 'Around Palmerston' video to air on TV too. Praise Jesus.

We're believing for many people to come along, to connect with each other in community. We will be sharing about the love of Jesus all weekend, not holding back about the beliefs that underpin who we are. We're believing for hundreds and hundreds of people to walk through the property and engage with us. It's all very exciting.

I'm reminded of seeking first the Kingdom of God and then 'all these things will be added...'. I'm unsure theologically what this means, but I take it with the belief that if we seek first the Kingdom of God, the other things will work out; finances, plans and strategies and desires. I've been seeing that happen. The local Council donated some balloons left over from Palmerston Festival, and guess what colour the balloons were? Red, Yellow and Blue!! All the Salvationists are saying, Amen, thank you Jesus.

Jo and I thank Jesus for what he is doing in people's lives. We are seeing people commit to the work of the church, even before they understand much about what the mission of the people of God is! Many are on the verge of following this amazing Jesus. My prayer is that they will. If you are a prayer warrior, please make it your prayer, that people will repent and begin a new life, with Jesus at the centre.

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