Sunday, May 3, 2009

Palmerston: A Ministry Update

Thanks to all those who shoot up a prayer every now and then for our ministry at the Palmerston Salvation Army. Here's an update for you:

* We started ministry at the Palmerston Markets, with a small stall. We have a sign that says, 'Just Salvos', and we have been selling Fairtrade goods; coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. Just on a Friday night, for the last two weeks combined we have sold 23 Badges, given out 22 Kidzones, sold a few Fairtrade products, and most of all have had significant conversations and connection with the community.
* On a Sunday morning we've been averaging 20-25 people. The Spirit has been moving powerfully, and people have been responding to God, experiencing his presense, reconciling relationships and taking initiative.
* Mainly Music has been steady. Sunday nights has seen 20-30 people come along and share in community together. Pray for the desire to hear the gospel to increase...
* We gave in the Self Denial Appeal, and our Church gave the most (I think), that's it has ever given for this appeal ($4,550). Thanks Lord for this increased sacrificial giving.
* We have had two lots of 24 hour prayer, which has been great for the church to strengthen their ability to pray and to grow closer to Jesus.
* I felt like the Devil spoke to me this morning, and said, 'It's ok to remain small as a church...' I rebuked this comment. Scriptures came to mind of the Kingdom of God expanding like a big oak tree. We may choose to have a small group model of ministry, or a large church model of ministry, but you bet ya, God will grow his church this side of Australia! Thanks Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers for our community. We need your occassional encouragement, and your occassional reminder that you're thinking of us. It helps a lot. God bless!

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