Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Change in the Church

There are two types of change. Revolutionary (something completely different from the past) and Evolutionary (a refinement from what has been). Generally people are more accepting of the Evolutionary change, rather than the Revolutionary.

When it comes to change, here's how we respond:
2% - are innovators
10% - early managers
60% - middle adopters
20% - Late adopters
8% - Lagards

So, an idea pops up at church. The minister wants to pursue the idea of moving the location of the church service to the local school gymnasium.

2% of the people consider the idea and jump on board, looking for ways to help the transition occur.

10%, think briefly about it, and realise its a great idea and begin to help with the process.

60% take a little convincing - Here's the pros, and here are the cons - The change will be beneficial to the church - The change will help us continue to grow - Here's what happens if we stay in this location - Here's what happens if we move...

20% need lots of coffee time - Why should we move when things are fine here? - There are too many obstacles to jump over, plus how are we going to possibly set up all that sound equipment every week?

8% arrive at the launch of the church service in the School Gym, and think - I bet it won't last long here, and they'll be back where I said we should have been all along.

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