Monday, May 18, 2009

Opportunities to Network

Well its been a few days...

We spoke with the Mayor of Palmerston (Cr. Robert Macleod) recently, and he has agreed to attend our Big20 Celebrations in July, and he will also be a judge in our Palmerston's Got Talent Show as well.
We had a meeting with the opposition leader of the Northern Territory (Terry Mills - CLP), and we spoke about the needs in Palmerston and what we can be doing about it. Crime seems to be a big thing on the agenda, and finding creative/innovative ways to lower crime, build deeper community, etc.

Networking is important. Watching friendships grow out of networking is also a bonus; that way networking doesn't just become what 'You' can get out of someone, but rather a mutual building up of each other, and of their work.

Good things are happening up this neck of the woods. God is moving, and new people are coming to church.

If you are reading this are you are involved in ministry that glorifies God, I ask that God will bless it, multiply it, resource it, and grow fruit out of it. Praise the name of Jesus!

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