Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salvation Australia

I looked up Google adwords recently, and found this data which shows you how many times a certain word or group of words was used on Google.
I looked up 'salvation' and the average search volume for February looked like this:
* salvation army - 90,500
* salvation - 110,000
* salvation church - 5,400
* the salvation army - 9,900

Amongst many others, there's these interesting ones (check the spelling!)
* salvation arrmy - 110
* salvation amy - 390
* liquid salvation - 480 - what?!

Who's salvation amy? I want to meet her.

It's good to see people typing salvation into google and wanting to find out what salvation means, or find music related to salvation, etc.

I won't attempt to define salvation, but it's a wonderful thing to know that Jesus can set you free from the burden of sin, of purposelessness, of addiction, and bring you to wholeness in life - fullness of life. Jesus plan of salvation is that everyone would be saved - that everyone would have a revelation of who Jesus is.

Salvation Australia - every Australian saved, holy and serving the Lord. What an awesome dream.
Taco Trivia has been getting 60 hits a day recently. People using Google to find Trivia Questions. Nice. That's why I do a short devotional thought about God/Jesus on the end of most Trivia posts.

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