Monday, March 23, 2009

Think Outlandish Thoughts

"Think Outlandish Thoughts. From time to time, ask yourself and your team questions such as these:
* If money were no object, what would we do to solve this problem?
* If we were starting all over again, how would we handle this problem?
* If we didn't have to get anyone's approval, how would we proceed?
The provocative, even absurd question often serves as floss to remove the plaque with which time encrusts our ways of thinking." (Leadership Skills for Managers, Marlene Caroselli, p. 42)

The brainstorming seems to allow our minds to kind of escape normality and search for new answers, new solutions to old problems. Someone said to me recently, 'We are a supernatural people', because God lives in us. Surely we can look at the impossible and have a glimpse of hope that God could achieve it?

Maybe in your life right now, there is an issue or a problem that needs supernatural answers. You know the world won't solve it, and the best philosophical thought won't answer it. Ask Jesus to take on the issue, and believe that he will solve it.

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