Monday, January 5, 2009

Experiencing Genuine Community

Last night, Jo and I dedicated our little baby Shekinah. In the presence of many family and friends, we promised that we would do our utmost best to raise Shekinah up in a Christian environment, where she would learn and understand the gospel.
Moments like these create a deep sense of community. Churches should be places where people feel respected, loved and cared for. Not just from the minister. Healthy churches are communities of faith, where no one falls through the gaps. People sense they are a part of something beyond themselves. They are a part of God's family.
As soon as things get tough, don't run from the family. People I have spoken to recently have told me about feeling disconnected from the Church family. Just like an immediate family, you shouldn't run everytime you have a disagreement. You sort things out. Love one another.
When we dedicate our lives to following Jesus, and to living like Jesus, we will experience ultimate community together, within the folds of God's family.

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  1. There's two sides to each story and it's not always the ones who have left that are running away. Some people may run but others are pushed. "Falling through the gaps" is what a lot of people do and Churches need a way to fill those gaps to stop people falling through. I know we're human, but, we're called to be Christ-like and that should mean being Christ-like to all - even those on the way to the gaps..


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