Friday, September 5, 2008

Sacred and Secular

In parts of the Church you hear about a divide between the sacred and the secular. Quite often we compartmentalise our Christianity, that is, we put faith in one box, and then we put work in another box, thinking they are seperate.

Here's the thing... We can no longer talk about 'attending church' on a Sunday, as if we are fullfilling our time at 'Church', and then forget about God throughout the week. When someone becomes a follower of Jesus, they offer their whole lives as living sacrifices before God. It doesn't matter if you're praying, shopping or cleaning the toliet, why not offer it as a time to honour God.

Don't look at your work as seperate from your faith. Don't have a 'go to work' and then 'go to church' mindset. Rather have a 'Lord, let my faith be lived out at work and in the church' kind of mindset.


  1. Is your calling to state the bleeding obvious?

    Thanks once again, Captain Obvious.

  2. David ... get a life!!!


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