Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Generals, High Councils and other tidbits...

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* We had Commissioner Wesley Harris come and speak to our class today. He spoke about the start of what is called the High Council, which first happened in 1929. The first General of The Salvation Army was William Booth, followed by one of his sons, Bramwell. The issue then arose about how does the Army elect a new General? Well, the High Council was formed, and Edward Higgins became the 3rd General in 1929. He led the Salvos through a stormy time apparently, and this was the first time The Salvation Army was empowered and led by someone outside the 'Booth Family'.

* There's joy in the understanding that a God who created everything, knows you and loves you.

* Aggresive Christianity Conference is happening soon in Melbourne. 1st Oct - 3rd Oct. Come along if you're around.

* Major Mim Adams spoke today about the program called S.A.G.A.L.A. What a facelift this program has had. We no longer work with kids from the stable family unit, with a reliable, caring Mum and Dad and lovely younger sister to play games with. Some families are broken; the Dad comes home drunk, the brother has A.D.D. and the Mum or Dad doesn't always put breaky on the table. S.A.G.A.L.A is really a creative way to engage young people in developing life skills, while finding a relationship with Jesus in amongst it all. It's updated, kids love it, and sometimes whole families find faith in God!

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  1. SAGALA is a fantastic tool for serving the kids in your community. It's how i kept in touch with TSA throughout my childhood and early teens. Then they invited me to youth group... and church...

    and now i'm all grown up applying for college. Thank God for Sagala!


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