Monday, September 29, 2008

Experiencing the Journey

People ask me how I am going, and if I am looking forward to Commissioning and other questions of the like.
At present most cadets have assignments their completing, and I've got a good handful left, but am learning much about: the nature of God, who 'I am' in Christ, some historical learnings about the Church in the Reformation Period (1500 - 1600s), and King Henry VIII (16th C) who started a breakaway from the Roman Catholic Church and thus the beginnings of the Anglican Church.

I'm excited to see where some officers are appointed and moved to, as this is communicated in the next couple of weeks.

Last night I heard Tim Costello speak at 'Melbourne Corps 614' and he spoke about:
* The fact that Kevin Rudd attended New York to attend a gathering primarily focusing on Governments fulfilling their role in 'Making Poverty History'. Kevin Rudd promised that he would raise Australia's contribution up to 0.5% of Australia's GDP, by 2015. (The promise was initially 0.7%). America is currently at a lousy 0.1% and President George Bush has not done much to rectify that! Governments can help alleviate world poverty; but will they choose to?
* We have a responsibility to live out our Christian faith by supporting the powerless in our communities; the addicted, the homeless, etc.

So the journey of College is slowly coming to an end, but there are still many exciting experiences within College to be a part of: Agressive Christianity Conference, a silent Retreat, 6 Assignments, A spiritual Day, A Convenant Day, A pancake Day, A special morning tea Day, and lots of other days. Will keep you posted on the journey...

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