Thursday, July 31, 2008

God's Heart for the World

I have been praying over the last week, 'Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours...' I didn't think much of it, and a couple of days past. Then yesterday we had a Spiritual Day at the College. In the first service I found myself at the mercy seat, kneeling before God, crying out for the visions and dreams on my heart to become a reality. That's God Kingdom would be established in every Country and in the life of every human being. The afternoon came and I found myself again strongly touched by the call to share the message of Jesus to people outside of the Church's four walls. I cried, and cried and the tissues were helpful.

Then I realised what I had been praying earlier. 'God, break my heart for the things that break yours.' I found in my spirit a deep grief for those without the understanding of the love of God. I found myself yearning and praying for Countries in which the Gospel of Jesus doesn't penetrate. I believe God is developing in me, his heart for the World. Sure, God's is loving, and compassionate, and full of grace and mercy... but God also grieves and longs for creation to be reconciled back to himself, a reconciliation that requires a response from humanity.

Some misunderstand my recent feelings as 'emotional instability', or 'Pete must be going through a rough time'. Not at all. Win the world for Jesus is the catchcry of The Salvation Army and what a good start it is to begin with capturing God's heart for the World.


  1. I understand you completely my hearts aches also for those who are outside the kingdom of God. It hurts and sometimes I feel as though people do think I am crazy also. I think we only have a problem when the tears stop and our hearts stop aching for the lost. God Bless You and dont let the tears dry up...

  2. from all the pain of what men think or say - cleansing for Pete!

  3. Speaking as one outside the Kingdom of God, I have to say that your flakey outbursts really do put people off.

    As Chopper Read said, you need to harden the f*** up.

  4. Sometimes those outside the Kingdom find it hard to understand things inside the Kingdom.

    Bless you mate.

  5. David, who's got the problem?


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