Friday, June 8, 2007

Cabinet needs our support

The Chief Secretary (Australian Southern Territory) came and spoke to the cadets today in regards to the role of the CS and the leadership of the Cabinet of the Salvation Army.

You know sometimes we complain about higher leadership. Sometimes people wonder why they decide what they decide and question motives. The fact is, the staff that are on cabinet and those that are in important positions of leadership are just as passionate about growing the Kingdom of God as we are! They are in high pressure jobs, with the responsibility of making quick, wise decisions that affect our ministries. I ask that God would guide them and bless them as they make these decisions.

Why this post? I think today has helped me understand a little of the pressures and demands of Salvation Army leadership, and I want to acknowledge my support for the ministries these people undertake. Sure The Salvation Army could be less hierarchial; sure The Salvation Army could more empowering; sure The Salvation Army could be more passionate. But you know something? I'll probably always say that, no matter how flat the structure, how empowering we are and how passionate we seem to be!

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