Thursday, February 15, 2007


Lets get it back on the map. Lets get it back on the horizon. It's Church Planting time.

Lets not spend all our days just trying to revamp the crusty. Wagner says its easier to have new babies than to raise the dead. We spend so much time and energy into bringing health into Churches that are dying, and I question about whether there's another additional, valid option: to plant new churches.

Churches that are struggling, have a choice. It's either "slow painful death, or deep painful change" (Paul Borden). Although Churches that are healthy, they need to arrive at a point, where they are ready and willing to plant new congregations, new communities of faith, that reach people that were untouchable/unreachable in their original setting.

I really want to plant churches. I don't want to maintain the status quo, and I'm not satisfied with Christians just swapping churches every couple of years when their needs aren't being met, and they're challenged to grow. It's time. New Churches, new Christians, new solidiers and new officers. God is doing a new thing and his Spirit is beginning to move in power.

So what time is it everyone?? You guessed it... It's Church Planting Time!!

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