Friday, August 14, 2015

This Blog will Shake the Foundations: We are a Salvation Army on the Cusp...

A cusp can be defined as, 'a point that marks the beginning of a change.'

The Salvation Army is on the cusp. Maybe you sense it, maybe you don't. I might suggest that the reason you are even reading this right now, is that you agree to some degree that what I'm saying resonates.

Let me suggest to you right now, that The Salvation Army is on the cusp, not just of a new season, but the cusp of a new era. We are on the cusp of a revived Army, a focused Army, a praying Army, a soul-saving Army, a courageous Army, a risk-taking Army and a Spirit-filled Army. There is a sense that we are reclaiming the DNA of a movement that has at times been sleeping while the world passes on by.

I'm not meaning to be controversial. One may fully appreciate the plethora of good work that The Salvation Army does globally and give thanks to God. We may also give thanks to the hundreds of millions of people in our societies that entrust us with the opportunity to help them out. Though I am saying, that at times we have retreated and become a safe movement, that has relied on the goodwill of the past to empower it for the future.

No longer can one rely on financial security or popularity for the days ahead. One must rely on Christ. In fact, John 15 says that without Christ we can do nothing. *Ouch. Thanks John for that whack between the eyes. Without Christ, and without being joined to the Father through him, The Salvation Army cannot be all that God intends it to be.

When it comes to the picture depicted in John 15, of a vine and branches, I am really of the belief that God has been pruning us the last few years. And guess what? It's painful and it hurts. Programs have at times, ceased. Funding has, at times, been cut and so on and so on. But, through this, God helps to recalibrate our direction, and refocus us on what really matters.

We need God to help The Salvation Army to go from Good to Great. Thanks to author Jim Collins for that tag line...

Here's my thought. The Salvation Army is on the cusp of going from good to great. We have done good things for a long time. We have sung good songs. We have performed good concerts. We have executed good social policy. We have been good.

Without wanting to sound too melodramatic, but it's time to be great. Now, not necessarily in great songs, and great concerts, but great in the things that absolutely matter.

We are a Salvation Army. The world needs the fullness of salvation found in Christ. Anything less is an insult to who Christ is.

So what do we do? We seek after the holiness that only comes through Christ. We seek an infilling of the power of the Holy Spirit. We ask God to help us in every facet of Salvation Army life to realign what we do, to align with the best of what God would have us do.

It's time to not be afraid to be who we are! It's time to stand! God is about to send the rain!

We are on the cusp!


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  2. To be GREAT in saving souls, in growing saints, in serving suffering humanity!!! Amen! Throw away your umbrellas - the RAIN is coming! Hallelujah!!!

  3. Pete: I heard Commissioner Israel Gaither speak about a year ago and he has some very optimistic views of the Army's future! Here's more:

  4. Here's the link I mentioned above:

  5. For a few years I was in the PR department as you are aware, the internal slogan was "Good, better, best". I think this resonates with what you are saying. We'vee been good, but now is time for us to be better and give of our best.


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