Friday, February 13, 2015

Leadership is not sexy anymore.

I'm writing a blog about a topic that seems to have lost its spark. I'm pretty stoked you're reading this right now. I mean I thought most people were over the leadership stuff. You could have scrolled past and found a video of a cute little boy singing Salt Water Wells in my Eyes in a school choir.

Let me ask the question: Do we care about this whole leadership thing anymore? Is leadership development a thing of the past?
Hold that thought for a moment.
I've got some startling revelations for you. Get past this next paragraph and the rest is smooth sailing. You'll be back to your chocolate icecream and snapchat very soon.

Some biometrics were done on charismatic and transformational leadership theory, between 1990 and 2010. The quest was to see how many papers were published on charismatic leadership and transformational leadership in academia land. The graph I cited clearly showed an exponential increase from 1990 to 2010, on the number of papers published, directly related to the above mentioned topic. So why is it, that I have this unsubstantiated feeling that many people don't care about leadership anymore?

Let me clarify a little better. Why does it seem, that people are not pursuing their own desire to grow as a leader to the extent they did in the past? 15 years ago, leadership development seemed hip. John C. Maxwell was churning out leadership books like my children eat sliced cheese and people seemed to be reading them. He's still churning the leadership books out, but I wonder who's still reading?

There seems to be a disconnect for me. We are disseminating more and more leadership teaching into the airwaves than ever before, but we seem less and less interested. The bombardment of knowledge in our 21st century lives is turning our brains to mush. And instead of trying to decipher what is beneficial to our lives, we give up and watch MasterChef.

Maybe I'm just speaking about an Australian context. After 8 years of lacklustre political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum, people are tired of talking about leadership. I mean, if the leader of our country can't even lead, how the heck could I?

Though, I want to push the envelope a bit right now. We need to grow as leaders! We need to stand up and realise, WE LEAD, whether we like it or not. WE LEAD, whether we read John C. Maxwell or not and whether or not you think what he writes about is beneficial or not. WE LEAD, whether we think we do or not. Let me remind you, if you're a parent, then you're a leader. If you're a teacher, you're a leader. If you're a supervisor, you're a leader. If you walk down the street and encourage a couple of young guys to put their trolley away and respect their elders, you're leading.

The question isn't about whether or not we lead. The point is whether or not we care to admit that we should spend time growing as a leader.

You can spend the next ten years watching YouTube clips of Academy Award nights, Cats doing dumb things and Jimmy Fallon reruns. Though if you do that, you waste ten years that could've been spent in leadership development.

So read a leadership book. Have a mentor. Read the Bible and apply it.

Let me say, that unashamedly I'm using this blog to tell you, that I'm giving you 100 Days of Leadership, starting March 2nd. 100 days. 100 blogs on leadership. Click here to subscribe and win!

We need to stand up and start being intentional about our growth as leaders. If you are already into the whole leadership development thing, then great, keep at it, and thanks for reading to the end. But, if you find yourself crushing candy and watching too much NCIS, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and commit yourself to growing your character and your competency.

Who knows, maybe what you'll learn in the process will transform you and others around you.

The world needs strong, Godly leaders. Are you one of them? 

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  1. Personally I'm sick of officers/pastors/ministers being obsessed with being 'leaders', wanting to be the CEO of their own little kingdom and kidding themselves that they are so very important. Too busy building their kingdom to give a crap about people.


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