Thursday, February 12, 2015

100 Days of Leadership: Starts March 2nd. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

Here is what some are saying about 100 Days of Leadership:

"If you really want to raise the bar of your leadership then here's 100 days of short, powerful insights that I found will spur your leadership to new levels!" - Captain Kevin Lumb

Peter Brookshaw is contagious: his vision, his love of God, his enthusiasm.  But it's not just personality that makes him successful.  Through these 100 Days he shares some lessons that can help us all be more effective. - Major Stephen Court (Author of leadership books: PROVERBIAL LEADERSHIP; HIGH COUNSEL: Jesus and John on leadership; A FIELD FOR EXPLOITS: Training leaders for The Salvation Army). 

"I read everything Pete writes." - Pete's Grandma.

"If you have an interest in leading well, then this blog's for you. Developing the leader within, begins with appreciating the qualities of good leaders who have gone before, learning from them, remaining teachable, keeping up with expertise in the field, reflecting on what areas we need to work on, applying that knowledge and recognising that development is a life long pursuit. Scriptural based daily portions provided here, will keep what's important in front of us." - Captain June Knop 

So, it's this simple. 100 Days. 100 Blogs on leadership; each with a passage of Scripture, and a challenging insight into leadership.

I'm launching 100 Days of Leadership at on MONDAY 2nd MARCH.

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