Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Which COUNTRY reads my blog the most?

Following on from Major Stephen Court's blog on the predominant countries reading his blog, let me offer you the Top 10 Countries that Read My Blog (statistics atleast taken from the last fortnight, thanks to www.statcounter.com):

  1. U.S.A - A whopping 62% readership. Maybe I should be advocating a little stronger against gun ownership, and yelling out praise for the Obama administration - that way I'd give other countries opportunity to up their percentage.
  2. Australia (15% of the readership - thanks Mum) - This is where my credible audience comes from. ;)
  3. The United Kingdom - If I'm speaking about The Salvation Army specifically, I'll increase readership from the UK.
  4. Philippines - Yes, the Philippines. Thanks for wading your way through the sand, in order to find the pearls.
  5. Canada - Thanks Stephen Court and others. You are so fortunate to be reading an Australian's views on the world.
  6. Hong Kong - And I haven't even committed to a blog about pro-democracy demonstrations in the region (the Umbrella Movement).
  7. Ireland - Who knows why.
  8. Nigeria - Actual readership? I hope so. 
  9. Vietnam - Hmm... It's surely all the amazing blogs about leadership.
  10. India - Did I do a blog about Cricket?

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