Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 10 Missional Books You Should Read

I have been following Brad Bisco for a little while now; a thinker and missiologist, who is passionate about the missional church. If you were only to read a handful of books on the missional church, then this list offered by Bisco would be where you start.

Let me give you a taste of some of the contents of these books on the missional church. Alan Hirsch writes in The Forgotten Ways (one of the top 10 missional books listed):
If we're going to impact our world in the name of Jesus, it will be because people like you and me took action in the power of the Spirit. Ever since the mission and ministry of Jesus, God has never stopped calling for a movement of "Little Jesuses" to follow him into the world and unleash the remarkable redemptive genius that lies in the very message we carry. Given the situation of the Church in the West, much will now depend on whether we are willing to break out of a stifling herd instinct and find God again in the context of the advancing kingdom of God.
Another Alan Hirsch quote about the missional church:
When the church is in mission, it is the true church. The church itself is not only a product of that mission but is obligated and destined to extend it by whatever means possible. The mission of God flows directly through every believer and every community of faith that adheres to Jesus. To obstruct this is to block God's purposes in and through his people.
Read Brad Bisco's list here:
Top 10 Missional Books You Should Read

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