Saturday, November 9, 2013

Is this the Greatest Issue of our Time?

The greatest issue of our time is not violence, drugs, sexual exploitation and the like. On the surface we may look at human rights violations around the globe and quickly assume these are the greatest issues. I mean, when an American student goes on a shooting rampage and extremists hold people hostage in a Kenyan shopping centre, it is easy to have this view.

Though the issues stem from something deeper.

Let us look at this first. This is taken from the UN, in relation to the question, 'What is human rights?'
Human rights are universal legal guarantees pro-tecting individuals and groups against actions and omissions that interfere with fundamental freedoms, entitlements and human dignity. Human rights are inherent in all human beings and are founded on respect for the dignity and worth of each person.They stem from cherished human values that are common to all cultures and civilizations. (See the United Nations Document on Human Rights)
There is a problem here. The problem is, I believe one of the greatest issues of our time. Now, the problem is not human rights, of course, that would be ludicrous to suggest.

Are you ready for what I'm about to say?

The problem is that people don't derive their morality from God.

Now, here's the thing; without a foundation that provides objective moral values, human rights are simply subjective. So who says values are right and wrong? Do we simply shift our sense of morality as the times shift? Do we simply say something is wrong just because the majority say its wrong? Isn't this just humanism: whatever you would want to be done to you, you should do unto others. What if in this process a whole bunch of people start to suggest a new morality based on what they prefer; what makes them wrong or right in shifting their outlook?

The greatest issue of our time, is not the violence, and sexual abuse. The greatest issue is that people don't have any objective moral values that derive themselves from a faith in Christ.

Now, I can hear some people about to voice their objections. I know the question, 'Well, isn't there disagreement even within Christian circles about certain moral values?' Sure. Though, what I am saying is that without God, without the Scriptures, without the revelation of God's son, we are further down the gurgler than having faith in Christ as our foundation.

Maybe you could help me understand. Without a faith in God, what is the reason for your existence? Why have any moral values at all? How could you even find a frame of reference for any values you do have?

One absolute moral value that many a scholar has acknowledged is love. Betrand Russell said, 'What the world needs is Christian love or compassion.' Erich Fromm (a humanistic psychologist) suggests that all psychological problems come from a lack of love. Confucius said, 'Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do to you. Who would argue against love?' So if love is an absolute moral value, that does not shift from generation to generation, the question is where does that love derive from? Well, I believe that love comes from God and I believe that 1 John 4:16 sums it up with the simple statement, 'God is love'.

In the cultural revolution in the western world, with a continual shift away from the acknowledgement of the God of the Bible as the creator of the heavens and the earth, and a shift away from faith in Christ, we throw out the foundations on which we built morality from.

As we do that, all we're left with is some watered down humanism, that says human rights is really just about what the majority of people think is right and wrong.

Is this the greatest issue of our time?


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God bless.


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