Saturday, August 24, 2013

There's a Sermon Brewing

Have you ever had something brewing inside of you, just wanting to come out? I'm not talking about drinking too much coke.

I have a sermon brewing inside of me.

There's a message beginning to make traction in my spirit. A message about demolishing the walls of brokenness in our community, and reestablishing walls of salvation and praise.

I dare not give too much away, for when I preach next Sunday, on Father's Day, some of you who are a part of The Salvation Army community in Craigieburn might have a sleep in!

There's a message brewing about the people of Israel, who trusted in the Lord, shouted aloud and witnessed the walls of Jericho come down!

God's people must break down the walls of violence, and the walls of injustice, the walls of sexual promiscuity, the walls of sexual abuse, the walls of addiction and the walls of apathy to the gospel.

The walls are coming down! I said, 'The walls are coming down!'


There's a sermon brewing. The inside of me, is bubbling away, like a nice soda.

Get ready. The walls are coming down!!

Let's reestablish walls around our communities of salvation in Christ and praise to the one true Lord.

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