Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Healing Testimony VIDEO Hot off the Press - Stirring the Pot on Healing

Does God still heal the sick today?

Some people will absolutely love this post. Others will hate it. Others will sit on the fence. I just happen to love it.

God just healed a new guy that came to our Church. Well, watch the video for yourself. 

Let me say a couple of things. God still heals the sick today.

Wait a minute. Did I just say that?

God still heals the sick today.

The problem is, too many people are simply praying nice prayers (and no doubt God hears them). Prayers that go like this:

"Lord, bless my friend today, who's feeling sick." (Praying for blessing, not healing)
"Give peace to Mary during this difficult time." (Praying for peace, not healing)
"Please be with the family, while John is unwell." (Praying something that Jesus already promises)
"Lord, please bless the hands of the surgeons."(Again, praying for blessing, not direct healing)
"Please comfort Lucinda during this ordeal." (Praying for comfort, not healing)

Nice prayers. God hears them. Sure. Agreed. BUT, what if we actually prayed for the person to ACTUALLY be healed?

I want to stir the pot a little here. Can we stop namby-pamby prayers and begin to ask that Jesus would in fact literally heal someone?

Let me stir it further. We have embraced for too long, a watered down theology of healing, and lacked the bold, Spirit-filled faith to speak to a sickness to be gone!

It's time to usher in a new theology of healing. One that not only respects and honors the idea that God wants to bring love, peace, hope and joy into someone's life, but also that God may well intend to bring physical healing into a literally broken body.

Too controversial?

That's fine. Stick with a watered down version of healing. Stick with a theology that justifies your lack of faith.

Or begin to embrace the idea that Jesus still heals the sick today. Not everyone, sure. God doesn't take away third world hunger, agreed. There is still war in Syria; I know that.

Though, God wants the fullness of the Kingdom of God to come. That's why we pray, ''Your Kingdom Come..."

When the Kingdom does come in all its fullness, that will surely mean healing of every sort.

I'm not sitting on the fence when it comes to that.


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1 comment:

  1. Mark me down as someone who hates this video/story/con job. Just Google "leg lengthening healing" and you will see a heap of videos and articles debunking this sort of thing. It is a cheap and nasty trick used to bolster the credibility of 'healing' ministries. How about you find someone with severe cerebral palsy and get them out of their wheelchair, completed healed? How about someone with a withered or deformed arm, get that healed and record a video of that?

    I have seen over many years the hurt that these types of 'ministries' have caused people with genuine and serious afflictions - they see people 'healed' of minor things and are left wondering why God doesn't heal them. Do they lack faith? Does God want them to stay unwell for some reason? Is there some sin in their life that means healing doesn't come to them? Is there some family/generational curse that is stopping them being healed?

    The most vulnerable people in our communities are left feeling worse about themselves, meanwhile the 'healers' get to do some little tricks, work the adrenalin affect on people and get to feel all warm and fuzzy about that they and their 'god'(yes little g)have done.

    People who do this, in the name of 'christianity' (yes little c), from the well known guys like Hinn down to you and your friends, really disgust me.


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