Friday, June 14, 2013

Who will be the next General of The Salvation Army?

Now that I have your attention, let me say a few things...

I mean, you didn't think I was going to give you the latest odds on who will be the next General? Since when is it a popularity contest anyway?

Some of you were hoping for a list of names with skill sets listed and their potential chances of becoming General.

God knows who the next General of The Salvation Army should be. It's up to us to pray that Salvation Army leaders would discern the person who is called to such a demanding position. Only by the grace of the Lord Jesus could they surely fulfil that position.

You may well spend time, as we all tend to do, speculating on what Commissioner may well put his/her hand up for General, but in that speculation are we not missing an opportunity to ask for the favour, grace, blessing, power and presence of the Holy Spirit upon The Salvation Army?

We have one mission, one message and we are one army. As we march forward in unity, do not let anything distract us from the grand, audacious mission God has called us to.

We are a pragmatic movement of soldiers who have covenanted to live to win souls and to serve and support broken people.

That continues!

We pray for now retired General Linda Bond. Jesus bless her! Strengthen her and continue to guide her!

We also ask a blessing upon the Chief of Staff as he fulfils the work of the General until a new High Council is convened.


So, who will be the next General of The Salvation Army? 

God knows.

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