Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Salvation Army Quotes that Inspire a Movement

The Salvation Army has had its doors flung open since 1878 and before (as The Christian Mission), and over those years a plethora of inspiring Salvation Army quotes have been uttered. Here is just a small sample of those quotes:

General Edward J. Higgins: 'Nothing is so likely permanently to stop soul-saving as the want of intense zeal on the part of our own people. How far are your soldier's meetings utilised for the development of the personal religion and fighting capacity of your people? Never mind the fewness of the numbers; if you can but get the few set on fire, the fire will attract others.'

General Paul A. Rader: 'While we are motivated by great optimism as to the possibility for change and new life for persons and communities, we are not naive regarding the fallenness and sinfulness of the human heart. Nor are we unaware of the evil desire of Satan to deceive and destroy, to demean and damn human personal. Further, we accept that there can be a powerful and pervasive demonic dimension evident in human systems and structures, institutions and cultures. We are called to live out our faith and pursue our mission in a fallen world that may put us at risk. All the more we are determined not to back down from any overt or insidious challenge to Christ's Kingdom, whether that challenge is in the form of personalised or institutionalised evil.'

More Salvation Army Quotes that Inspire a Movement:

General Linda Bond: 'A Spirit-filled Army tells the gospel story faithfully and trustingly, believing that there is power in the name of Jesus, power in this life-giving message, the power that the Holy Spirit exerts to bring about transformation'. 

General Linda Bond: 'An Army was not raised up for the parade square but for the battlefront. A Salvation Army remembers that salvation did not come easily or cheaply. It came at great cost, the sacrifice of all sacrifices. To be filled with his Spirit calls for nothing less than our living sacrifice'.


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  1. It would be good if you provided the sources where the quotes are noted (e.g., a new paper article, a book, etc.) so that they can be verified. Thanks.


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