Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GIVEAWAY Time!! You could WIN!

Well, I'm feeling generous. Here's how it works.

  • Create a LINK on either a blog or webpage pointing to http://www.petebrookshaw.com/ (or on a bloglist that updates itself), and you WILL WIN either one of the following books (sent straight to your postal address):
    • Leadership Gold - John C. Maxwell OR
    • The Forgotten Ways - Alan Hirsch
  • There are a couple of terms and conditions. You must have a current website and blog that receives traffic! (No creating fake webpages or blogs just to win! I'm on to you!!)
  • No burying the link so that it's as noticeable as a needle in a haystack
  • No dodgy websites, e.g. ismokecigars.com
  • Up to 8 Books to Giveaway! 
  • Email me at: petebrookshaw@gmail.com with your updated website link, and postal address.
  • You must keep the link on there for longer than 22 seconds. Six months is good.
  • I will be sending out a monthly update with giveaways, leadership teachings, updates on what's going on in the faith world and much more... Now here's how you can WIN...
  • Enter your email address below - to sign up for the monthly newsletter
  • IF you are the 3rd, 13th, or 23rd person who enters their email address, you will win one of either of these books (sent to your postal address):
    • Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer
    • Heavenly Man - Paul Hattaway
Simple as that! Enter your email address below:

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