Thursday, January 14, 2010

At what point does Worship become Consumeristic?

Worship and Consumerism.

Visited a church recently on my holidays. They sang and sang about God showing them favour and for God to pour the Holy Spirit upon them more and more, and more and more. I was enjoying worshipping God in that large atmosphere, but then my mind kicked in...

There were no songs just adoring God; songs about the majesty, awesomeness of God. Rather ALL the songs were actually about US, and what we could receive from God. There's a fine line. I understand God says, "Ask and you shall receive", and "You have not because you ask not", but at what point do we begin to create some form of Christian materialism, where we merely consume from God and not worship the mighty one who created us (whether we receive a blessing or not).

See, God is so powerful, to me it is irrelevant whether he wants to bless us or not, or fill us with his Spirit or not. We should just worship him for his greatness. The amazing thing is, through the death and resurrection of Jesus we CAN 'receive' from God - salvation, power, peace, joy and many other wonderful things. Though if worship is predominantly and primarily about US, we have lost the focus of the true meaning of worship. We should not let personal blessing and power from God be the ultimate focus of worship, but rather the adoration of God for who he is. Any form of blessing and empowerment, to me, is an amazing privelege and secondary to the primary worship of Yahweh...

Your thoughts?

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