Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Salvation Army in Decline?

Why, generally speaking is The Salvation Army in decline in the Western World?
* Is it because the Holy Spirit is not moving as much in our midst?
* Is it a lack of good leaders to stir up our congregations?
* Is it a lack of doctrinal teaching, or good biblical foundations for ministry?
* Is it a lack of good evangelists?
* Is it because we are losing our identity as The Salvation Army?
* Is it because we're too concerned with the 'good ole days'?
* Is it because we have too much 'stuff' and have forgotten how to simply trust God?

Maybe it's none of these. Maybe it's all of them. All I know is, depending on your answer will determine how you will equip and empower others into the future.

Despite all this God is turning the tide in the Western World... Maybe some people know the answer.

(Heb 12:2 - Fix your eyes on Jesus!)


  1. I know what the reason is - it's loud and clear.

    Your response to my query on Sunday is an example.

  2. marney.turner@aus.salvationarmy.orgNovember 12, 2008 at 11:39 AM

    There is a basic requirement of desperate hunger for the living God.The presence of Jesus & the fullness of The Holy Spirit.
    We need to be people of prayer & in The Word ........and never stop. Also we need to repent of our self reliance , consumeristic life'style. In short we need a "JESUS REVIVAL"


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