Sunday, October 26, 2008

Binge Drinking - Is it really cool?

Melbourne Corps 614 hosted a great line up of informed speakers at Urban Conversations, to speak about an increasing issue in Melbourne: Binge Drinking.

Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg spoke passionately about attempting to raise the age of drinking alcohol to 21, seeing the benefits this has had in America. He said that companies benefiting financially from Alcohol sales have the 'ethics of a cash register'. Good call.

Alcohol affects brain development in adolescents...

The Editor-in-chief of the Age promised to advocate strongly within The Age newspaper against Binge Drinking, and to bring awareness to the effects that excessive drinking has, especially amongst teenagers.

The media, and many agencies in the past joined together to change the paradigms of thinking regarding smoking; to the point where smoking is no longer seen as 'the cool thing to do'.

We should be joining forces, to change the thinking in Victorian culture today (and Australia!) that says 'getting drunk' is cool, and if movers and shakers join together to advocate against this then we will see a shift in today's culture regarding binge drinking...

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