Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yearn for more.

Jo and I have realised so strongly that people have been praying for us recently. It has been an awakening from the desert experience we have found ourselves in. Only very recently Jo and I have had a close relative die, and it quickly helps you to appreciate the life you have and to take stock of where you are and what you are doing. We love the time we spend with other Cadets in college and the moments of influence and blessing at Packenham Corps.

I wrote recently about 'my heart' in ministry. My passion to see lives touched with the power of the gospel of Jesus... My heart will always yearn for something more. I remember running a Youth Event in Werribee about 4 years ago now, called the Mega Vibe!! It was an exciting night. God had nudged me to preach that night, so I did, and towards about 30 people responded to the gospel that night and were inspired in some way from God. Why do I share this? I remember afterwards, the excitement from the night. The exhiliration! The passion! The presence of the Holy Spirit! I felt all this... Yet a big part of me, still yearned for more. Maybe, I'm too hard to please, or I'm never satisfied, or I never celebrate the victories enough... But all I can say is, amongst my laughter and reflection, my heart yearned for more. It still does. It probably always will.

See folks, we've sung the songs for a long time. We've had the funny dramas, the nice preach, and the flashy announcements on powerpoint. We've attracted the same crowd, with their nice uniforms, and their friendly cliches, and the edible 'Scotch Finger Biscuit'. But my heart yearns for more. So much more. So Much Much more. Lets yearn for more... Ohh yeah. I'm beginning to get excited now! Lets yearn for a Salvation Army of warriors, fighting against sin and injustice. Lets pray for a Holy Spirit anointing so strong even our political leaders need to bow their knees. Lets inspire an inner passion so vibrant that our friends, are no longer our gossip buddies, but our comrades in the mission we have before us. The World WILL turn to Jesus. The Church WILL be a place of equipping and arming up and not a spiritual ghetto. Our communities WILL connect with the God of the Bible and lives WILL be transformed. Hallelujah!!!

Lets go friends. Lets yearn for more...

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