Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Faith and what?

The book of James has a challenge for us! No I'm not talking about James' Blog at WhollyHoly (nice plug there for a mate - I know he'll do the same for me), I'm talking about Jesus' brother James.

He says, faith without action is dead. Absolutely useless. Maybe you're an activist and this means nothing to you. Or maybe you love reading blogs and doing absolutely nothing about your faith. Then this applies to you. Or maybe you know of the guys that go to church each week, enjoy the arnott's biscuits, enjoy the fellowship and then goes home to continue to live a life with no fruit or action.

Calling all Salvationists! It's time for a vibrant faith, that believes for the impossible, expressed in action that wants to win the world for Jesus! A faith expressed in action. Fighting for the oppressed, praying for your local school, visiting the sick lady in the church, saying hello at the Salvos Store around the corner, inviting your friend over for dinner...

You wanna read of faith in action, check out some of the blogs at mercypeacegrace and of course there are many others!

Dear Jesus, I wanna take my faith to the next level. I'm sick of playing the religion game. I'm sicking of playing the theology game. I'm ready for a radical faith, expressed in daring action. Amen!

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