Tuesday, October 7, 2014

To Succeed is not to Fail

To succeed is not to fail.

Let me explain.

When something flourishes, do we celebrate the success? Or do we explain 'the success' away and feel the need to justify that it was even appropriate for that something to go well in the first place? Can you relate to this? We feel the need to justify the results. We treat success like a failure. Or rather we become ever so wary of other failings, that we cannot stop and smell the roses of the good thing that is happening.

We fear success because if we succeed (in whatever that looks like), we have to explain failure. We feel we have to justify why we have succeeded and why others have not.

Let's look at it this way:

I do well at A.

Someone does not do well at B.

I feel bad about A because of B.

Yet A does not equal B.

A is mutually exclusive to B. They are different circumstances. And here's the point: We should just celebrate A and resource B.

Celebrate good times.

Celebrate when the chips are up, and keep persevering when the chips are down. And if all is bad... just eat chips.

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