Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Change the World - You can do it!

Back in January 2014, I outlined 10 ways to change the world. The list on how to change the world ranged from radically loving your neighbour, to sponsoring a child, to exhibiting hospitality.

I'm wrestling with a thought. Is it better to remain naive to the obstacles that exist for a grandiose vision and push to make a change, or is it best to outline all the barriers to achieving a grandiose vision, and run the risk of never ending up doing anything to fulfil it?

I have always said that I would rather aim for cloud nine and reach cloud five, than aim at nothing and reach it everytime.

Some people call me daft for doing such things. Though, was it not said in the Lord's Prayer, 'Let your kingdom come and your will be done'? Is that not one of the biggest dreams and visions you could ever have? If that kind of visioneering is fine with Jesus, it is fine with me.

We can change the world. 

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